Suzlon opens new R&D and technology centre in Germany

Wind turbine supplier Suzlon Energy has opened a new research, development & technology centre in Germany. The company plans to have a total employee strength of 200 in the new centre, which will include over 120 employees of Suzlon Energy GmbH. Suzlon GmbH is a joint venture between Suzlon’s arm Suzlon Wind Energy and Volkswind Bulgaria GmbH, which is a subsidiary of Volkswind GmbH.

Besides, the company plans to expand capacity at its plant in China as it expects to return to profit this financial year. Suzlon will manufacture turbines capable of generating a combined 1,000 MW in China by 2013, Suzlon Chairman Tulsi Tanti said in Tianjin, China. That’s a 67 per cent increase from the current capacity of 600 MW, which Tanti said will be used fully next year.


One Response to Suzlon opens new R&D and technology centre in Germany

  1. Jayant Ingolikar, NAGPUR, Maharashtra, INDIA says:

    I intend to enrich wind power technique in terms of its productivity, security of power, cost effectiveness by introducing certain feasible modifications to present day technique to make more useful and more competitive. I also intend to store wind energy and combine solar energy to it to make it more productive and to utilise stored energy on as and when required basis. This will enhance its productivity and utility. I need to provide a sitable position and platform to prove what I intend and propose.

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