Wind Energy in Sweden Breaks Records in 2010

The year 2010 saw Sweden break previous records despite a global investment slump in wind power. The Swedish Wind Energy Association (SWEA) revealed that the country witnessed an addition of 557-MW wind installation during 2010, amounting to a 36 per cent increase in comparison with 2009. The government is now looking to increase its present renewable energy output of 20 per cent to about 50 per cent of the nation’s energy needs by the year 2020. Accordingly, it has presented a proposal to the Parliament for increasing the wind power capacity by 10 tWh. To achieve the same, the country plans to install 2,000 new wind turbines in the next 10 years: The increase is equivalent to about half of the power generated by the country’s nuclear reactors in 2009, which currently accounts for about 50 per cent of its electricity production.

Gothia Vind, a wind power operator based in Gothenburg, has already revealed plans to construct 100 wind novel power stations in the Southern region of Sweden, with an overall 200-300 MW capacity.


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