Tunisia prepares to Energise Europe

Deserts of Southern Tunisia are preparing to witness a solar revolution as a group of renewable energy entrepreneurs, NUR Energie Ltd, and their Tunisian joint venture partner, Top Oilfield Services, get ready to develop the most ambitious solar power project in the country. After securing the endorsement of the Desertec Foundation, NUR Energie has launched the TuNur project to export up to 2,000 MW of solar energy from Tunisia to Italy via a high voltage direct current (HVDC) cable and into the Italian electricity grid. When completed, TuNur is set to be the world’s largest solar energy project. In order to not add to the desertification process, TuNur will make use of very little water and will recycle in a closed system the steam produced by the process of the array of mirrors reflecting sunlight to a tower storage unit, thereby turning the Sahara desert into a resource.

(picture from: http://www.nurenergie.com/ )


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