Anagha Mohan is working at the Indian Wind Energy Association as editor of the international wind industry bi-monthly magazine “InWind Chronicle”. Her primary interest lies in the wind energy sector that has grown manifold globally in recent years. She writes extensively on the wind energy sector in general and its growth issues in India in particular.

She is a member of LIFE Academy since 2009 after having successfully participated in LIFE Academy’s advanced international training program on “Wind Power Development and Use”.

5 Responses to About

  1. Hi Anagha Mohan,

    I saw the article you posted earlier this week by a member of the Indian delegation, Ajay Mathur.


    The post seems to be written by him. Would you please tell me when it was written? Also, has it been published before or is this an ‘exclusive’? Thank you very much for your assistance.


  2. E Abeyrathne says:

    Very interesting. Like to learn more about Putlam wind development project.

    EMACE is implementing a Biodiversity, Livelihood development project in Putlam District Next year.

    Thank you.
    E Abeyrthne

  3. Neera Mathur says:

    Interesting news updates. Keep it up. However, I wish you include more information on solar energy.

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