Massive Growth in China’s Offshore Wind Power planned by 2020

August 30, 2011

According to China’s National Energy Administration, the country will increase its offshore wind farm installed capacity to 5 GW in the next five years and create a complete technology and industrial chain to service the growing wind turbine sector.

A renewable energy strategy in the nation’s 12th Five-Year Plan indicates China’s offshore sector is about to enter “a phase of large-scale development” and is estimated to reach 30 GW in 2020. Although China overtook the US last year as the nation with the most installed wind farm capacity, reaching 43 GW in total, almost all of that was generated from its onshore sector.

The National Energy Bureau (NEB) will launch preparation work for the second public bidding on offshore wind power concession projects in the second half year of 2011 and is scheduled to complete the bidding in the first half year of 2012. The total construction scale will be between 1.5 GW and 2 GW. China’s first offshore project, the East Sea Bridge Offshore Wind Farm, having a capacity of 102 MW, started operating in June 2010. It comprises 34 units of 3-MW Sinovel turbines.

Vestas plans US Workforce Expansion

February 8, 2011

Vestas plans to hire 100 people at its Windsor, Colorado blade manufacturing plant in the next six to 12 months to increase the total workforce to 750 by the end of 2011. The Windsor plant was opened in 2008. The company is also planning to open its second US blades plant in Brighton, Colorado, next year. The plant will employ about 650 at full capacity, the company said. The additions are part of a US payroll surge. Company CEO Ditlev Engel said in an interview that Vestas plans to add 1,700 US jobs, growing to 4,000 people “in coming months”.

But elsewhere Vestas is cutting 3,000 jobs, closing three factories in Denmark and one in Sweden. Vestas chief executive said the aim was to move production “closer to where the action is”.

Suzlon opens new R&D and technology centre in Germany

October 19, 2010

Wind turbine supplier Suzlon Energy has opened a new research, development & technology centre in Germany. The company plans to have a total employee strength of 200 in the new centre, which will include over 120 employees of Suzlon Energy GmbH. Suzlon GmbH is a joint venture between Suzlon’s arm Suzlon Wind Energy and Volkswind Bulgaria GmbH, which is a subsidiary of Volkswind GmbH.

Besides, the company plans to expand capacity at its plant in China as it expects to return to profit this financial year. Suzlon will manufacture turbines capable of generating a combined 1,000 MW in China by 2013, Suzlon Chairman Tulsi Tanti said in Tianjin, China. That’s a 67 per cent increase from the current capacity of 600 MW, which Tanti said will be used fully next year.

India to see a spurt in green jobs

October 6, 2010

As global focus shifts to energy efficiency, with the market for environmental products and services projected to touch $2.74 trillion by 2025, headhunters say about one million green jobs will open up in India alone over the next two years. Green jobs, as defined by the United Nations Environment Programme, refers to work in agricultural, manufacturing, research and development or administrative activities that contribute to preserving environmental quality, and help in protecting the ecosystem and biodiversity.

While green architecture, biotechnology and environment management are the most lucrative and sought-after professions in the new, green sector, policy-making for renewable energy and natural resources management is fast gaining popularity.

Wind turbine manufacturer Suzlon Energy signed an MoU with TERI University in March 2009 to institute an MTech programme in renewable energy engineering and management. From just 48 students in 2006, the varsity has over 260 pupils.

According to a United Nations Environment Programme report based on 2008 estimates, by the year 2025 India will see the creation of 900,000 green jobs in the area of biogas alone.

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