India, Denmark to co-operate in Multiple Sectors

April 14, 2011

India and Denmark have decided to explore possibilities of co-operation in the areas of ship designing, maritime training and education, offshore wind energy and GHG emissions. According to an official statement, the decision was taken when Mr. Brian Mikkelson, Danish Minister for Economy and Business Affairs, met up with Mr. G.K. Vasan, Indian Union Minister for Shipping.

Wind energy development gets a booster dose

June 14, 2010

Report: China Plays Host

By Anagha Bhambri

In the light of an intensified drive to turn the tables on climate change, an international programme on wind power development has been undertaken by Life Academy in collaboration with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

China, which is waiting in the wings to beat US and become the next wind superpower, played the perfect host to the first phase of the training programme. The five-phase programme, aims to build “information soldiers” who can spread the word on wind power development in their respective countries as well as bring about a change. And in order to make this exercise meaningful, Life Academy has identified 25 participants with various backgrounds from 12 countries in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

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Wind Power – Development and Use

May 26, 2010

A REPORT on “Wind Power Development and Use”

THE WINDS OF CHANGE: Getting to know the resource

By Anagha Bhambri

Mankind’s tryst with wind power began with the use of sailboats, which had an important role to play in the development of water pumping wind mills as well as those used for grinding grain. Countries like Argentina and Australia still operate wind mills for water pumping. Interestingly, these were all vertical-axis wind mills. But that was then. Wind mills have now grown in size and structure to deliver power at competitive rates in comparison to fossil fuel-based power plants.

In a bid to now further popularise the concept of wind energy, especially in developing countries, LIFE Academy held the second phase of its SIDA-sponsored programme on Read the rest of this entry »

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