Vestas plans US Workforce Expansion

February 8, 2011

Vestas plans to hire 100 people at its Windsor, Colorado blade manufacturing plant in the next six to 12 months to increase the total workforce to 750 by the end of 2011. The Windsor plant was opened in 2008. The company is also planning to open its second US blades plant in Brighton, Colorado, next year. The plant will employ about 650 at full capacity, the company said. The additions are part of a US payroll surge. Company CEO Ditlev Engel said in an interview that Vestas plans to add 1,700 US jobs, growing to 4,000 people “in coming months”.

But elsewhere Vestas is cutting 3,000 jobs, closing three factories in Denmark and one in Sweden. Vestas chief executive said the aim was to move production “closer to where the action is”.

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